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  1. Microfluidics for Liquid Biopsy and Oncology
    1.01 Circulating, Cell Free DNA/RNA Isolation and Analysis
    1.02 Isolation and Analysis Of Ctcs And Extracellular Vesicles (Evs)
    1.03 Cell-Based Immunotherapy
    1.04 Myeloid and Lymphoid Neoplasia
    1.05 Tumor-on-a-Chip

  2. Microfluidics for Cytometry
    2.01 Blood Cell Sorting
    2.02 Multiparameter Characterization of Blood Cells
    2.03 Single Cell Analysis
    2.04 Mechanobiology of Blood Cells in Health and Disease

  3. Microfluidics for Blood Diagnostics and Analysis
    3.01 Microfluidic Systems for Sepsis Detection and Diagnostics
    3.02 In Vitro Models of Thrombosis and Hemostasis
    3.03 Sickle Cell Disease and Red Cell Physiology

  4. Microenvironment and Vascular Biology
    4.01 Blood-Endothelium Interaction
    4.02 Hematopoietic Stem Cell Fate Control and Differentiation
    4.03 Bone Marrow Niche Modeling