Authors » Abstract Guidelines

  • The page limit is two pages.
  • Abstract needs to be formatted for A4 Paper (21 cm x 29.7 cm or 8.27 inches x 11.69 inches)
  • 2cm on all sides
  • Font: Size 11 point Times New Roman for all text and Symbol Font (not Symbol MT) for symbols
  • For those using Microsoft Word, under the "Paragraph" setting, please set all spaces to "0" and "Line Spacing" is set to "Exactly" and "At 11 pt".
  • Be sure to caption in 10 point Times New Roman and number all figures, charts, tables and photographs. Figure captions should be below the figures and table captions should be above the tables.
  • When referring to references in the text, type the corresponding reference number in square brackets and number them sequentially [1].
  • Define abbreviations and acronyms the first time they are used.
  • Please remember to spell check your entire paper.
  • Prepared abstracts should be converted to PDF format before submission. Please be sure to designate file extension *.pdf.
  • After the file is converted into PDF, please check to see if the font was embedded properly and make sure that all non-Western fonts, such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean fonts, are embedded in the file. If you are unsure, it is advisable to avoid using irregular fonts and use only standard fonts such as Times New Roman and Symbols.
Templates are available for download.